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My WorldCon 2013 schedule

Having loaded up on hand sanitizer and dusting powder, I am relatively ready for LoneStarCon. If you’d like to come say hello, here is where I will be: Thursday, 13:00-14:00, Autographing. (Or as I call it, “Kicking back and and testing the open container regulations while searching for open wi-fi, because I doubt anybody will want me to sign books.”)…

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Meta, This is why we can't have nice things

Fascists and Futurism

So there I was at Chicon 7, attending a panel called “Human or Robot: Is Human Spaceflight Necessary?” with Ben Bova. Bova was the moderator, and there were no other panelists beside the two of us. (There were more of us scheduled, but none of them showed. I assume they were hung over.) The panel was quite interesting, and everyone…

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My last-minute Worldcon schedule

That’s right, folks, I’m in Chicago. It’s beautiful. Stunning, really. Today involved deep-dish pizza with my editor and fellow Angry Robot authors, jaw-dropping architecture, fireworks, and an absurdly huge bed. I’m here by the grace of the folks at the Intel Developer Forum, whose surprise prodding got me to renew my permanent residency faster than my heels were otherwise inclined…

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Canadians like it on top, Good news, everybody!

Worldcon 09: a debrief

I’m listening to Haydn on CBC Radio 2, drinking coffee and avoiding printing up my thesis. My head is still full of parties, the demon rum, and hastily-recalled French. If those three things don’t scream “Worldcon” at you, then you clearly weren’t there. It’s rare that an event one hears about so frequently actually lives up to one’s imagination. I…

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Canadians like it on top

My "staycation" in Canada.

To be clear, “staycation” is a stupid word. Let’s face it — any time you take off of work is vacation. That’s why it’s called vacation time. At its root, the word has less to do with where one goes than the fact that one has left: “vacate” does not mean “go somewhere with fruity drinks served with tiny umbrellas…

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