In which I talk to Gizmodo about smart glasses

This summer, the nice folks at Gizmodo asked if they could stop by my place to film me talking about smart glasses. I explained (at length) that my office is too small to accomodate a film crew, and that our home itself is naturally very dark, but they were undaunted and agreed to film me in the living room. This…

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Canadians like it on top, Futurism, Good news, everybody!

Look, an interview with me in the Globe and Mail!

Here is a look to the mobile edition, which may not work. “Science fiction has the capability to illustrate alternative and alien subjectivities and for a lot of people – including myself – that’s by nature a feminist project.” Ms. Ashby’s debut novel, entitled vN, came out last summer. While ostensibly sci-fi, it reads in part like a slice of…

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