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Addicts lie: Rob Ford and the future of Toronto

“I’m just so sad,” my mom told me, when she learned Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair told reporters he had seen video of the mayor smoking crack cocaine. “It’s just…sad.” It is sad. It’s sad that my partner has to wonder about his mayor screaming in his face and shoving him the way he does other journalists, when the…

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The quake is no lie.

A magnitude 5.5 quake hit the Ontario-Quebec border region today. You can see the epicentre here, and read another article here. Apparently it’s being felt as far as Ohio, but what I felt was one of those mild but noticeable “Is the earth shaking or am I having an inner ear episode?” kind of quakes. (Not that I have inner…

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Look at these blossoms.

Just look at them. From Toronto I have been having fun with my new camera. I am writing a CFP. I woke up this morning, lifted weights, and washed my sundresses in bubble bath. Then I hung them out on the line and looked at my latest post. And Peter is reading my book. Life is good.

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InterAccess Studio, Sunday, 7

…I think. The time may change, but it will still be Sunday evening. Anyway, show up sometime evening-ish, and I will be there reading stories and answering questions. Here is a map. I’ve visited InterAccess before for this event, ArtSciSalon, and it was a really interesting. We met someone who had made his own fabber, and I got to pick…

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What fandom can teach us about cycling:

C. Wess Daniels has a great post wherein he explains Henry Jenkins’ definition of fandom thusly: Appropriation – A person appropriates in their own life a particular text, work, and practice relating to their fan object. Often these objects are reinterpreted in their own life. Participation – There is an openness for people to participate at all levels within the…

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My Ad Astra schedule:

This is my Ad Astra schedule: Friday, 9pm, Salon 434: Science, Fantasy, and Horror in Anime Saturday, 9pm, Salon 241: Move Over, Meatbrains! (a panel about robots, why they’re useful in fiction, and recent advances in robotics/AI) Sunday, 2pm, Ballroom Centre: Tesseracts Anthology Panel (I appeared in No. 11, and will likely be sitting next to this guy. But you’ll…

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