What can serial killers tell us about artificial intelligence?

I first wondered this while watching the second series of The Fall, a challenging and unapolegetically feminist take on the now-standard serial killer drama. In it, a handsome and fit man by the name of Paul Spector routinely stalks and murders women — in between making appointments as a certified bereavement counselor, going on date nights with his wife, and…

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Good news, everybody!, These fragments I have shored against my ruins

New story: A Very vN xMAS Special

I have a real love for Christmas specials. Or, to be more accurate, Christmas episodes. If you gave me the choice between an unknown Christmas movie and a Christmas episode of The West Wing, I’d choose the latter every single time. I watch “A Very Supernatural Christmas” every year around this time. I like what a specific seasonal, cultural, emotional…

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Otaku Academy, Pimp, These fragments I have shored against my ruins

More posts about women and robots

So, I wrote a guest post for the Qwillery’s Debut Author Challenge, and it’s called Gynoid Trouble: The heroine’s journey is the transition from object to subject. More specifically, the gynoid heroine’s journey is the transition between “automaton” to “autonomous”. From a piece of consumer technology to one who can never be owned. As Rei Ayanami says, “Wastashi wa anatta…

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In which I talk too much about robots:

Apparently I didn’t wear out my welcome talking about anime, because the folks at SF Signal’s MindMeld column asked me to participate in another round, this one on the coolest robots in science fiction. Snip: I decided that the robots I love best are the ones who aren’t trying to be human. Why should they? What makes humans so special?…

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Pillowfriends and other things

If you read the revamped BoingBoing today, you’ve already seen this. Personally, it reminds me of both Shel Silverstein’s The Missing Piece and that old Paxil commercial with the sad little onigiri/lump thing that rolled along until it found a SSRI that did good spam filtering on its serotonin. Funktionide Part II from eltopo on Vimeo. I’ve been exceptionally busy,…

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Good news, everybody!, Otaku Academy

Even robots got more game than me

This super-fast robot hand dribbles, throws, and tweezes more effectively than I do. If you could observe the current state of my eyebrows, you would know this to be true. You’ve probably already seen this footage, so I thought I’d show you some eventual applications for super-fast robot hands. (Oh, shut up. That would chafe and you know it.) Warning:…

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