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Hey, where’s my copy of Company Town?

  Good question. Glad you asked. If you pre-ordered the book, know two things: a) I’m ever so grateful, and b) it won’t arrive on time. Why is that? My fellow Angry Robot author Kameron Hurley explains it succinctly: So back in June Angry Robot Books, publisher of THE MIRROR EMPIRE, closed its ancillary imprints, Exhibit A and Strange Chemistry.…

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Meta, This is why we can't have nice things

Unpacking the data on women’s submission(s)

I was reading Damien G. Walters’ column on the “invisibility” of women in science fiction, and he brought up Julie Crisp’s explanation for the comparative lack of women publishing science fiction, from an editor’s perspective. Crisp works for Tor’s UK branch, and summed up the lack in this way: You can see that when it comes to science fiction only…

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Canadians like it on top, Good news, everybody!

"SF" stands for "strategic foresight"

Good news, everybody! I’ve been accepted to the M.Des. program in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at the Ontario College of Art and Design. When I tried explaining the program to my mom, I said: “It’s about designing solutions for future problems on every level — from product to policy.” One of the more contemporary problems being tackled by the Strategic…

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Good news, everybody!

The news ain't all bad:

VIZ announces Haikasoru SF imprint. For those of you who don’t know, VIZ is best known for their anime and manga licenses. They hold some of the big-name titles, like Bleach and Death Note. Now they’re investing in bringing over Japanese SF novels to English-language audiences. And the first few books are targeted at younger audiences. No word yet on…

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