Splice is better than it looks.

I saw Splice last night, and I’m glad I did. It’s not as shattering as District 9 (last summer’s surprise SF hit), but it is genuinely horrific without being visually explicit. It makes a lot of reference to the Frankenstein story, but it’s actually positioned somewhere on the Ira Levin/David Cronenberg side of the horror continuum. The most terrifying things…

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I went to prom with another girl.

You might not know this about me, but I went to prom with another girl. She wasn’t my girlfriend. We weren’t dating. I just wanted someone to go with me, and due to pure social fuckery and indecisive bullshit on my part, none of the males in my romantic life were really available (nor was I available for them).* She…

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Quotable quotes:

Today, I thought that I would share this article on the death of rave culture and how Frederic Jameson predicted it, originally posted by Bruce Sterling. But then at Scalzi’s I saw, this, er, piece on why human penises look the way they do. Which led to this particular money shot: Hopefully you’re thinking as an evolutionary psychologist at this point…

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Why you should love Bruce Sterling:

He gets it, that whole “unfair representation of women in power” thing. (Obviously, the man’s a genius — everybody knows that. I visit Beyond the Beyond when I’m feeling too clever by half and want to be reminded how comparatively insignificant my intellect and imagination are. But I find that the posts I enjoy most aren’t about spimes or NOTworks…

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