Canadians like it on top, Good news, everybody!

Another reason I’m happy to live in Canada:

Today, Ontario’s top court legalized brothels, with the intent to protect sex workers. Snip: All five judges said the law prohibiting the operation of bawdy houses “is grossly disproportionate” to its stated aim of avoiding disorder and maintaining public health standards. “The record is clear that the safest way to sell sex is for a prostitute to work indoors, in…

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And now a word from Ursula K. LeGuin re: abortion

“What was it like, in the Dark Ages when abortion was a crime, for the girl whose dad couldn’t borrow cash, as my dad could? What was it like for the girl who couldn’t even tell her dad, because he would go crazy with shame and rage? Who couldn’t tell her mother? Who had to go alone to that filthy…

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Meta, Otaku Academy, This is why we can't have nice things

Why the New York Times should give me Ginia Bellafante’s job:

Maybe you missed it, but New York Times writer Ginia Bellafante just insulted about half of HBO’s new audience share. It took place during a review (and I use that term loosely, here) of HBO’s new series Game of Thrones, adapted from George R. R. Martin’s exceedingly popular Song of Ice and Fire series of gritty-but-epic fantasy novels. I haven’t…

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Meta, Pimp, These fragments I have shored against my ruins

New story: "Zombies, Condoms, and Shenzhen: The Surprising Link Between the Undead and the Unborn"

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged very much recently is that I’ve been so damn busy. I went away for a while to a lake up north, where I worked on the story in this subject heading as well as a couple of others (I even did some foresighting work, if you can believe that). The good news is…

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Meta, Otaku Academy

"The Necessaries"

The other day, my husband and I caught a trailer for The Expendables, which is the cinematic result of a mad scientist’s attempt to mix the mitochondrial DNA of every American action star from the 1980’s into a sweaty, tattooed, bulging-veined chimera. We first saw this trailer during Kick-Ass, and my comment at the time (aside from my ceaseless laughter,…

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