"Like fucking a burning dolphin"

Via Making Light, we have a foully erudite, fantastically observed explanation of why people still love Silent Hill 2, including why the story needed to be told via a game rather than a book, film, or zoetrope. (Wait until he mentions imperialism. Make sure your drink is well away from your keyboard.) God, I have such a serious urge to…

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News you can use, These fragments I have shored against my ruins

In which I am yet again inspired by gaming tech:

Remember this? Jon lay on a white leather divan, utterly unaware. The two girls who sat beside him every day in literature class were drawing on him with calligraphy brushes. They had duct taped tracked pens to each brush. A little remote infrared camera sat atop a humming portable projector. Another camera sat on a tripod beside it. On a…

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Good news, everybody!

possible "Trico" trailer afoot

I’m posting this footage for Death Ray, and anyone else who’s curious about a possible followup to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, two of the most important games to come out of the PlayStation household in recent years. Honey, we need a PS3.