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Deathray Weighs in on Squidgate, a.k.a. "There Are FOUR Lights!"

Yup. This is why I married him. *** Over the past several years, I have avoided blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the like for one very simple reason:  I am very sure that there just is not a sufficient number of people in the world who actually care about what I am thinking or doing on a daily basis to justify…

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Science can be lame, too.

Since writing more SF, I pay more attention to science. Doing so allows me to examine global conflict and development from another angle, one more intimately connected to reason and research than strained appeals ethics that we are all only presumed to share. My interest in and appreciation for the field consequently makes me twice as baffled and frustrated when…

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Death Ray Rants: ghost cars and Scooby snacks

“Seriously, can the kids just solve the mystery of the fucking ghost car, already, so that Scooby-Doo can get some Scooby snacks and we can all go home? I mean, usually, I’d deal with it for the length of a short story. But no. It rambles on for SIXTY PAGES.”* …Mr. “Death Ray” Ashby assures me that the writer of…

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