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My last-minute Worldcon schedule

That’s right, folks, I’m in Chicago. It’s beautiful. Stunning, really. Today involved deep-dish pizza with my editor and fellow Angry Robot authors, jaw-dropping architecture, fireworks, and an absurdly huge bed. I’m here by the grace of the folks at the Intel Developer Forum, whose surprise prodding got me to renew my permanent residency faster than my heels were otherwise inclined…

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My Ad Astra 2012 Schedule

This weekend, I’ll be at Ad Astra, my local SF convention. (Well, one of them.) While I’m there, I’ll be on a bunch of panels. Here’s the list: Saturday, 10am, Floor 2 Salon 2, The Future of Food (with Leah Bobet) Saturday, 2pm, Floor 2 Salon 1, Reading (with David Nickle) Saturday, 7pm, Franklin, Food in Fiction Sunday, 1pm, Floor…

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My SFContario schedule

This year, I will again be a panelist at SFContario, Toronto’s only downtown SF convention. It takes place November 18-20, and in addition to being a panelist I will also be presenting an Aurora award for the Best Graphic Novel in English. (Hopefully I don’t have this same scratchy throat a month from now.) Here is my schedule: Targeting the…

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My Polaris schedule

Today I head up to Polaris, where I’ll be a panelist. Here’s my official schedule: Putting the Science Into Science Fiction Saturday 04:00 PM UNIONVILLE Standing at the Borders of the Future Sunday 01:00 PM NEWMARKET Unofficially, I’ll be attending a programming participant party this evening. It’s free, and I hope you’ll drop by to say hello. Otherwise, I’ll be…

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My Ad Astra schedule:

This is my Ad Astra schedule: Friday, 9pm, Salon 434: Science, Fantasy, and Horror in Anime Saturday, 9pm, Salon 241: Move Over, Meatbrains! (a panel about robots, why they’re useful in fiction, and recent advances in robotics/AI) Sunday, 2pm, Ballroom Centre: Tesseracts Anthology Panel (I appeared in No. 11, and will likely be sitting next to this guy. But you’ll…

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