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Rant: school libraries and DRM

Most of you know that I’m at work on a Master’s thesis. This thesis involves anime, cyborg theory, and fan culture. It involves reading a lot of Henry Jenkins, Donna Haraway, Susan J. Napier, and other big names. Having finally finished my chapter on FMA and cognitive narratology (not to my satisfaction, but that’s another story), I have begun gathering…

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I am so loved.

I really don’t know how Troy knew, but hard sf YA? Thanks, buddy. Feed (by M.T. Anderson) has “bubble bath” written all over it. Also, irony: Toronto!David gave me The Best of the Spirit, and Seattle!David gave me a “Ladies of The Spirit” trading card set (with a temporary tattoo!). He also gave me Spook Country, which I can’t wait to…

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Pimp, These fragments I have shored against my ruins

This is my new favourite song:

There’s something magic about watching rotten, rusty barns and roll by and eating nigh-frozen sushi while listening to this song. (It’s even better after the snow has been and gone.) This is my favourite of all the things written this weekend: “Don’t you ma’am me, mister. I’m only seven years old.” “Hey, in cat years, you’d be menopausal.” He leaned…

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This is why we can\'t have nice things

Reasons to go running:

Two rejections in as many weeks. I’m missing a weekend of free Japanese films, including one by Takeshi Miike, to go out of town. …By contrast, running is simply a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. I’m not good at it, but it’s something I can at least manage. Also lately I’ve been reading this book:…

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