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Awards eligibility, 2018

Technically, I should have posted this late in 2018. But I didn’t, because I was catching up on a lot of things in December that would have been done in November, had my husband not had three surgeries and an extended hospital stay that month. So! Here are some stories of mine that were published in 2018.

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Don’t nominate me for the Campbell; I declined it last year.

Last year, I was nominated for a Campbell Award, for my debut novel vN. Then I declined the nomination, because I realized I wasn’t truly eligible for the award that year. Why? Because I’d already made a sale to Nature magazine. SFWA treats Nature as a Campbell-qualifying market, which means my “Campbell clock” (which I imagine looking like the glowing crystal…

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…Award noms, that is. I don’t honestly expect to win any awards this year, but if you want to let the fine people at the Aurora or Hugo that you’re thinking of me, here are the stories of mine that were published in 2009: “Off-Track Betting” “The Chair” “?oyfriend”* If I’ve done my job, then those stories are already sticking…

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