Canadians like it on top, Good news, everybody!

My work on that *other* Border Town…

You may have heard of the Bordertown series, a 25-year-old collection of anthologies, games, gatherings and other wonderful things surrounding a fantasy world shared by multiple authors. Sadly, I am not involved in that particular project. (Not that I’d say no to such an offer, of course. Hint, hint…) Instead, and equally awesome, I am involved in another Border Town,…

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Otaku Academy

My first consulting gig

I had a really interesting meeting today. I talked with Justin Ferrato, a student of the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, about a project that he and his fellow Media Lab students are working on for Nuit Blanche 2010. I don’t want to give away the content of the project, but it sounds really interesting and I’m excited to see…

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I wish I could write something half this brilliant.