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I have successfully defended my second master’s thesis.

A long time ago, my medieval studies professor said to me: “So, what are you interested in? What subject do you see yourself spending the rest of your life learning more about?” “…I’m not sure,” I told her. I want to be a novelist, I wanted to say. “I ask because you’re going to have to start thinking about your…

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The Old–>New Contract

Today I had lunch at Yuzu with a friend from my Strategic Foresight & Innovation program. (I ate about half of a giant, fabulous bowl of hwaedupbap.) We were discussing our design theses. You see, in between polishing my novel and writing a study on the future of media, I’m also working on my second Master’s — a foresight report…

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Canadians like it on top, Good news, everybody!

"SF" stands for "strategic foresight"

Good news, everybody! I’ve been accepted to the M.Des. program in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at the Ontario College of Art and Design. When I tried explaining the program to my mom, I said: “It’s about designing solutions for future problems on every level — from product to policy.” One of the more contemporary problems being tackled by the Strategic…

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Good news, everybody!, Otaku Academy

New publication out

I have an article in the most recent (Fall/Winter 2008) volume of Asian Cinema, and it’s called “Heim Movies: The Return of the Cyborg Double in the Ring Franchise.” I came home to find this waiting for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Reading the article over again gives me just the confidence I need to roll out the…

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