Summer reading list

This afternoon after picking up my students’ exams (and spending far too much time wandering gourmet food shops in search of the perfect bar of Earl Grey-infused dark chocolate, and then even more time trying on dresses in shops whose soundscapes were punctuated alternately by concrete drilling, poetry slams, and un-medicated raving), I decided to send them a summer reading list.…

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Life, Otaku Academy

Today in class,

we discussed the discourse of gender. This led to conversations about: Jeremy Bentham Henry Jenkins’ bibliography Twin Peaks (I used the phrase “before your time” with a total lack of irony) Who Killed Amanda Palmer (a Freudian slip) Why you might need a woman’s touch when dealing with government agencies Online mating rituals (involving ukuleles) Aposematism in badgers, weasels, ferrets,…

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