indecision 08: the bridge choice

Tonight a thought blossomed in my head whose seed was planted the Saturday afternoon that I saw The Dark Knight. And if you couldn’t infer it from the title, that thought is this: This whole election is The Bridge Choice. The Bridge Choice has a long history in comics. It starts with Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey, but TDK gave it…

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Canadians like it on top

My open-source body.

There’s a moment in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels after the caper is finished when Vinnie Jones’ character bids farewell to the four main characters and says simply: “It’s been emotional.” Which rather sums up how I’ve been feeling, lately. My friend Emru Townsend, co-editor of Frames Per Second Magazine, recently had a bone marrow transplant to help treat…

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Good news, everybody!, Pimp

On "Supernatural"

I should have listened to Henry Jenkins when he talked about Supernatural. (And to everyone who pimped Supernatural to me.) Because then I would have grown accustomed to this level of awesome: This is Jensen Ackles, who plays “Dean” on Supernatural, doing his “Eye of the Tiger” routine as a special feature to the latest episode. After seeing this, it’s impossible…

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News you can use

Things only tangentially related to the story I'm writing:

UCSB study finds physical strength, fighting ability revealed in human faces Subjects were asked to rank the physical strength or fighting ability of the people in the photographs on a scale of one to seven. When the photographs depicted men whose strength had been measured precisely on weight-lifting machines, the researchers found an almost perfect correlation between perceptions of fighting…

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Good news, everybody!

Democracy, let me show you it.

Americans living abroad, like me, can still vote in the upcoming federal election by registering as an absentee with Answer some simple questions, and the wizard develops a fresh voter registration form for you. But if you really don’t want to bother with all that, and you’re already registered (and you remember the details of your registration, such as…

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