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  1. Hi Madeline,

    I was curious as to how I got singled out to be blocked from following you on twitter. That’s never happened to me before or since. I was just learning twitter when I tried to follow you. Perhaps you don’t like having strangers following you. And that’s fine, all my children have their accounts locked so they can handpick their followers (and not at my direction). I discovered you on another authors site, I think it was Charlie Stross’, because of your wit and intelligence. I enjoy reading different view points on a wide array of subjects, but especially science and science fiction. I check on your site semi-regularly and have read a few of your short stories. I find your take on life refreshing. Sorry if this feels like an intrusion.



  2. I bought and read your book vN and I have to say I loved it it was wonderful in a thought provoking sad and humorous way. I sincerely loved it. will there be more in the series? possibly following the same characters or family?

    no matter your answer you have a fan for life. eagerly awaiting your new publications,


    1. Thank you! Actually, there will be a series! At least, I’m contracted for a sequel. As for a third, we’ll see.

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