Canadians like it on top

My open-source body.

There’s a moment in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels after the caper is finished when Vinnie Jones’ character bids farewell to the four main characters and says simply: “It’s been emotional.” Which rather sums up how I’ve been feeling, lately. My friend Emru Townsend, co-editor of Frames Per Second Magazine, recently had a bone marrow transplant to help treat…

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Canadians like it on top

All dressed up with nowhere to go.

I have just come to the startling realization that Mr. Ashby would look spectacular in a Rorschach costume: He even has a fedora. And a trenchoat. And, you know, I could probably cosplay Sarah Palin (who would be hot for Rorschach anyway, given his leanings). If I had a party to go to.

Canadians like it on top

And I mean, tiny.

It is the task of every generation to re-make civilization. Participating in that process actively, rather than accidentally, is an exciting privilege. –Karl Schroeder, over afternoon tea. (Spending time with Karl always reminds me of what a beginner I am.)