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So, I have some books coming out.

Damn, it feels good to type those words. My first novel, vN, will be published by Angry Robot Books in August, 2012. They summarize it far more concisely than I’ve ever been able to: vN introduces us to Amy. She’s been grown in a stable family environment, with her robot mother and human father. But alone of all her kind,…

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My Polaris schedule

Today I head up to Polaris, where I’ll be a panelist. Here’s my official schedule: Putting the Science Into Science Fiction Saturday 04:00 PM UNIONVILLE Standing at the Borders of the Future Sunday 01:00 PM NEWMARKET Unofficially, I’ll be attending a programming participant party this evening. It’s free, and I hope you’ll drop by to say hello. Otherwise, I’ll be…

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Canadians like it on top

GRAND ideas

I’m writing this post from the Vancouver Convention Centre, where I am at the 2011 GRAND conference. I’m here for the PLAYPR project, which focuses on the future of play and performance in gaming. This means I’ve been spending my weekend with Kinect hackers, game developers, haptic coders — the kind of people whose brains are veritable Swiss Army knives.…

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When your guidelines exclude a Hugo nominee, there’s a problem.

These are the guidelines for Tesseracts 15, a Canadian anthology of genre fiction that is focusing on YA stories this year. I was really excited about submitting to this anthology, until I read the guidelines. (They’re available as a PDF on the website linked above.) Snip: If yours doesn’t fit, please don’t submit it. Whatever other definitions of a story…

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Review: Ferro

Please excuse the over-exposure of this photo. It’s the inevitable consequence of low lighting and late eating. For a recent family birthday dinner, we visited Ferro, and this drink, the Negroni, convinced me to blog the location.