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New photos up.

I started a new album today for Toronto photos, based on the absolutely lovely leaves still clinging to the maples out there this afternoon. Growing up I rarely saw these riots of colour, and now they utterly dizzy me. Lately when I look outside, I’m happy all over again that I live here. Toronto


You say "apocalypse" like it's a bad thing.

Recently, Charlie Stross asked if it was still possible to write near-future SF. This got me thinking about other genres that might be going the way of the dodo…or the black swan. And lately, there’s been a lot of talk about apocalypse: global economic collapse, shrinking icecaps, disappearing bees, crucial elections…where are we going, and why are we in this…

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Good news, everybody!

On the short story

The short story apologizes for nothing. It exults in its shortness. It wants to be shorter still. It wants to be a single word. If it could find that word, if it could utter that syllable, the entire universe would blaze up out of it with a roar. That is the outrageous ambition of the short story, that is its…

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Good news, everybody!


One of the great things about the internet is that it allows me to watch television for incest subtext with my friend three thousand miles away, in real time, with lolspeak.

Canadians like it on top

And I mean, tiny.

It is the task of every generation to re-make civilization. Participating in that process actively, rather than accidentally, is an exciting privilege. –Karl Schroeder, over afternoon tea. (Spending time with Karl always reminds me of what a beginner I am.)

Good news, everybody!


These are the three most inspiring things I’ve read all week, the things that made me sit back and actually think about them, rather than simply digesting and moving on. I showed these things to other people, thought about them at the gym, which is always a sign that a piece has stuck with me. Most artists are brought to…

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