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A Star Wars Story

When I saw reviews of The Rise of Skywalker saying that it had “walked back” much of what made The Last Jedi so interesting, my sudden protectiveness of that film surprised me. Why I was I so loyal to it? It was a big corporate franchise picture; it didn’t need my help. And then, I remembered what the film had…

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In which I talk to Gizmodo about smart glasses

This summer, the nice folks at Gizmodo asked if they could stop by my place to film me talking about smart glasses. I explained (at length) that my office is too small to accomodate a film crew, and that our home itself is naturally very dark, but they were undaunted and agreed to film me in the living room. This…

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My 2019 WorldCon Schedule

At long last, I am finally attending a WorldCon again. I missed it in recent years, but this year it’s in Ireland, where some of my family is and where some of my family is from. I couldn’t miss it. And it’s a good thing, too, because I have a surprising amount of programming!

Canadians like it on top, Good news, everybody!

Oceans, Orphans, and Sunbursts!

Finally, it can be told! I am continuing seminal Canadian science fiction TV series Orphan Black under the watchful eye of SerialBox and Malka Older, our fearless showrunner, alongside Heli Kennedy, Mishell Baker, Eugene Meyers, and Lindsay Smith. Tatiana Maslany is in studio as we speak, giving life to our words. In other news, my story “Domestic Violence,” written for…

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Good news, everybody!, News you can use

Awards eligibility, 2018

Technically, I should have posted this late in 2018. But I didn’t, because I was catching up on a lot of things in December that would have been done in November, had my husband not had three surgeries and an extended hospital stay that month. So! Here are some stories of mine that were published in 2018.

Good news, everybody!

New fiction

Oh, hello, there. Have you been there this whole time? I’m sorry. As you may have gathered, I have some new fiction out. Three stories, in fact: “Domestic Violence” Slate This is a story about smart home technology being weaponized by abusers, and the chief of staff at a Toronto tech startup who decides she’s going to do something about it.…

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Good news, everybody!

Recent Excursions

2018 is shaping up to be a less travel-heavy year than 2017 was. I’ve been teaching two courses in the Digital Futures programme at OCADU, which has kept me in Toronto for most of the winter term. Also, I joined the roster of Perfect Note Speakers, which is a speaking agency local to Canada. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been staying at…

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This year, talk about the future you want.

This is very sound. If I had one piece of 2018 advice for literally everyone, it would be to talk, loudly and frequently and in detail, about the future you want. You can’t manifest what you don’t share. — Madeline Ashby (@MadelineAshby) December 31, 2017

Canadians like it on top, Life

2017 made me sick. Literally.

  I won’t lie. 2017 was good to me, and it wasn’t good to a lot of my friends and family. Most of that has to do with the fact that I’m in Canada and they’re in the United States. I’m a permanent resident here, working on attaining citizenship. My graduate degrees come from Canadian institutions, and I’m married to…

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Wrapped in Plastic: Nostalgia, of Televised and Other Kinds

(Note: I was originally intending to write this piece for Jacob Clifton, while he was working for Screener. But a national reading competition, plus teaching three classes at two universities, plus tteaching in Dubai, plus putting my mother-in-law in one nursing home and then another, plus a depressive episode, destroyed me. If you’re an editor and you like this piece,…

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