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The Company Town playlist

Company Town comes out next week, (although Chapters Indigo in Canada seems to be shelving it already!), and so I thought it was time for me to put up some of the music I listened to while I was writing it (and re-writing it, and re-writing it yet again). There are some odd combinations here. […]

The Escape from LA playlist

In a few hours, I’ll be on a plane back to Toronto from Los Angeles. With any luck, I’ll be allowed to come home. Here are the songs I’m listening to.

To the young man who asked my name:

This is the song I was listening to when you wondered if it was the source of my disposition.

DeathRay Rants: This Is Not A Digital Revolution

Note: My husband typed this during his usual comics-consumption time. If it was important enough to interrupt that, you should definitely read it. This is Not a Digital Revolution or You Won’t Believe What Watching The Runaways Taught Me About the Fight Over Manga and DRM In my last year of high school, I wrote […]

The weekend in pictures

It starts Friday night with Cory Doctorow in the basement of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy. (I’ve linked to his signature in the Collection’s circa-1983 guestbook. While I was busy being born, Cory was already hacking — yes, hacking — the way clear for himself.) Cory is the emeritus member of […]

This song made me dance in every room of my apartment.

Thank you, Jerry, for sharing this with me.

The most magical thing I've heard in a while:

Yeah, I said it. Wu-Tang Clan vs. The Beatles. 27 glorious tracks of it, in fact, collected in Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers. So far it utterly pwns The Grey Album, but maybe I just like Wu-Tang better than I like Jay-Z. Your mileage may vary. Special thanks to Kay Thaney, she of Science Commons […]

Unholy creatures slowly do rise…

Merry Xmas. Please enjoy. These are the Frosty Zombies. They come courtesy of Dave, who shows them to me every year. This clip is from one of my favourite Supernatural episodes:

One white glove: $350K. Time travel: priceless

When I returned from the lake, my husband had one piece of news for me:Michael Jackson’s signature white sequined glove has sold for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars at auction. “Somebody must have read your story,” he said. This is what he means: Slipping on the glove, I felt a heady rush of temptation […]

How my trip went:

Yeah. There was some singing. And we did get lost. Not horribly. We just took a wrong turn. It was my fault, and I apologized, but I’m beginning to suspect that some other part of my brain will spit out fatally flawed directions if there’s just the briefest glimmer of a chance that the end […]

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